Vaata ka


When master bodywork builder Alfred Tabbert presented his first caravan to the public in 1953, he struck a chord with an entire generation. The years of the ‘economic miracle’ in Germany ushered in elegance, chic and a new self-confidence that TABBERT skilfully conveyed in his exterior and interior designs.

People wanted to – and could – afford to indulge themselves. "La Dolce Vita” captured the hearts of an entire nation. Europe wanted to travel and enjoy life to the full. TABBERT designed the products to enable this – products that stood out with their unique mix of materials, stylish interiors, high-quality workmanship and practical design solutions. And so it remains today.

Until today the company performance principe and philosophy have not changed at all. Seven different model ranges currently meet customer demands all over europe. In today`s Tabbert competence centre is developing the ```caravaning of the future, premium quality, innovation and design``.

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